In 2022, the University of Liège adopted a declaration of principles entitled "ULiège, Université Hospitalière". The institution thus reaffirms its commitment and the initiatives it has taken to welcome and integrate on its campuses students and researchers who are fleeing conflicts or whose country is threatening their lives. 


Accordingly, the University of Liège undertakes to : 

  1. facilitate the access (administrative and financial) to studies as well as suitable conditions for success for foreign nationals
  2. supporte the participation of migrants in their academic careers
  3. raise awareness of the realities of migration within the university community and to improve the visibility of initiatives to welcome and integrate migrants carried out by players in the university community and beyond
  4. act as a player in our society by defending the values of non-discrimination and inclusion in a visible, assertive and assertive manner.

In response to the Board of Governors' declaration, the rectoral team has set up a working group chaired by Professor Pierre DUYSINX, Vice-Rector for Mobility and International Affairs, which is responsible for its implementation. 

Requests for support can be submitted to 

Particular attention will be paid to each situation. 


Download the declaration of principles (PDF)


Requests for support
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Requests for support can be submitted to

updated on 10/27/23

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