The European framework is the University of Liège's preferred area of international action. The University of Liège participates in the Erasmus + program and makes use of all the tools it offers.

International mobility

A pioneer in student mobility via the Erasmus program since 1987, today 24 % of ULiège graduates have studied abroad.

Today, nearly 800 ULiège students are mobile every year, and an equivalent number of international students are hosted at ULiège. Funding is also available for staff wishing to teach or train abroad.

The ULiège Erasmus Charter and Erasmus Policy Statement detail the objectives pursued and the support offered to all students at Liège.

Still on the subject of mobility, the University of Liège participates in the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility program, which aims to support mobility to and from countries outside the European Union for study, research or teaching purposes.


Other Erasmus+ projects

In addition to individual mobility, Erasmus Mundus programs and its European alliance UNIC, the University of Liège also implements a number of projects that fall under the various actions that structure the Erasmus+ program.

These range from "cooperation partnerships" and "alliances for innovation" aimed at sharing innovative practices in the field of higher education in Europe, to "capacity-building" projects designed to strengthen the capacities of partners outside Europe and support the modernization, accessibility and internationalization of higher education in these partner countries.

Details of current projects

International Relations Office

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