The Université de Liège has adopted a policy on international travel for both its students and its staff.

Analysis of high-risk destinations for trips abroad

Members of the University wishing to travel abroad have been required to declare their trips abroad towards the authorities of the University. An analysis of destinations is carried out by a group composed of administrative services and authorities, in order to assist members of the community in their travel arrangements, in line with the recommendations of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Students are also required to declare any stay abroad related to their studies. Their academic supervisor analyzes the relevance of the trip with regards to their studies. It is then up to the University authorities to examine the conditions of the stay, including in particular the conditions of stay in high-risk destinations.

This analysis is the prerogative of the Administrator of the University of Liège.

International travel and sustainability

University members are encouraged to choose the mode of transport with the lowest environmental impact, taking into account the objectives and constraints of the trip. Rail, bus and carpooling should be preferred wherever possible.

In addition to these general recommendations, ULiège has defined rules based on the train journey time to the final destination.

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