Neighboring the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France, the University of Liège (ULiège) is strategically positioned at the heart of Europe. This geographical location offers ULiège numerous advantages in terms of teaching and research. ULiège is also part of UniGR, the University of the Greater Region. 



he ULiège's cross-border position plays a key role in its international openness, student mobility and scientific collaboration with other institutions. It enables the University of Liège to be part of a diverse and dynamic academic environment, enriching the educational and research experience for its members. ULiège offers its students and researchers the opportunity to take part in exchange programs at partner universities in European countries. Similarly, foreign students and researchers can choose ULiège for their studies and research programs.

ULiège's proximity to renowned universities in neighboring countries also enables it to develop solid partnerships and benefit from a wider academic network. This fosters student mobility and encourages the exchange of knowledge between institutions, making it easier to set up joint research projects and international collaborations. Collaborations that promote the advancement of research and the exchange of ideas.

European funding

The University of Liège participates in and leads numerous projects at global, European and regional level. With its participation in numerous research programs financed by the European Regional Development Funds (Interreg and FEDER) - tools set up to encourage cross-border exchanges between regions - ULiège develops its research and innovation with partners of choice.

University of the Greater Region

The University of Liège is a key player in the " Greater Region ", as a founding and active member of this grouping of 7 universities in the Greater Region, a pioneer in cross-border university cooperation.

Université de la Grande Région 



Interreg Projects

Service Recherche, Innovation, Support et Entreprises (RISE)


International Office - Florence Hautekeer

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