Are you coming at ULiège on a mobility program funded by the Directorate General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (DGD) and managed by the Academy for Research and Higher Education (ARES)? Here's how to register with the institution according to your funding status

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Preliminary information

Funding status depends on the amounts applied to your mobility and not on the "nature of stay" indicated on the arrival announcement form. If you have any doubts about your funding status, please contact your academic supervisor and your file manager at the ULiège - Center for Partnership and Development Cooperation (PACODEL).

The Arrival Announcement Form (FAA) must be sent to ARES and PACODEL by the North Coordinator/Academic Manager at least 45 days before the desired arrival at ULiège.

consult applicable amounts 


Your financing status

Mission as part of a project's partnership

Your profile:

  • You are a partner in a research or training project / Institutional Support, you are coming to teach a South Chair or you are coming to supervise one of your PhD students
  • You are staying in Belgium for less than 30 days

How do I proceed?

You do not need to contact our admissions/registration services. However, you will need to contact your PACODEL file's manager to get the access to ULiège services (libraries, wifi, etc.). Your manager file will take the first steps in creating a login and an email address that will enable you to access ULiège resources.

Studies Academic degree, Master of Specialisation....

Your profile:

  • You are coming to Belgium on a scholarship as part of a research or teaching project funded by ARES, or you are coming to Belgium as part of a Master of Specialization in the international training program of ARES
  • Your stay is intended to lead to a diploma (academic degree)
  • Your funding is granted for a period of 12 months

How do I proceed?

- If you wish to enroll in one of the international courses funded by the ARES-CCD, please note that the first step is to submit an application to the ARES. To see which international courses at ULiège are supported by the ARES: 
- If you are applying for a specialization master's degree outside the framework of the call for international courses, all the information can be found here:

Short term training Certification and non-certification training, capacity building...

Your profile:

  • You are coming to Belgium with "short-term training" funding for a maximum stay of 6 months.
  • You are coming to obtain a certificate or for capacity building.

How do I proceed?

doctoral and postdoctoral mobility Registration as PhD

Your profile:

  • You are coming for a doctoral mobility as part of the B-MOB program, a research or teaching project (PRD/PFS, Amorce/Valorisation...) or as part of Institutional Support
  • You are enrolling for a PhD (excluding postdoctoral studies) at ULiège, or you are coming to ULiège for a postdoctoral mobility

How do I apply?

Doctoral registration

For post-doctoral mobility

As you are a professional in the country, you can contact Manon Godbille to register as a visiting researcher

iconeInfo people receiving funding from the Belgian Cooperation are registered at rate 0.



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