Application form / Incoming exchange student

Students wishing to participate in an exchange programme (study period) must complete the application process detailed below

Application deadlines for a study period

  • 1st semester (September-January) or full academic year (September-June) : from 1st March to 31st May
  • 2nd semester (February-June) : from 1st October to 15th November

Recommendation for non-EU students (for visa issue): send application by 31 May for both first and second semester arrival

iconeAttention  Outside of these deadlines, the online form won’t be accessible and applications won’t be admissible.

iconeInfoFor students or doctoral students coming for a traineeship or a research period, the application form is always open. Required documents may differ from the list above. For more information, see this website.

Online application

Fill in the Online application formand upload the required documents.

This form is only available for students coming from our partner institutions!

Required documents

1. ID photo

2. Identity card or passport

3. List of courses you want follow at ULiège

4. Transcript of Records

Transcript detailing previous university studies. Grades unknown at the time of the request will be provided at a later date. We accept unofficial transcripts from the electronic system of your home university if the document includes your name and the name of your home university.

5. Proof of language level

* Courses in French -> B1 in French

* Courses in English -> B1 in English

* Bilingual curriculum -> B1 in French and B1 in English


Students following courses at HEC Liège must have the B2 level in French (if their courses are in French) and/or English (if the courses are in English).


6. Proof of nomination from home University

Document from home university testifying the student’s selection to the exchange programme.



A complete online application must include all the required documents. You will be able to upload the documents on the online application form.
Moreover, we do not accept hard copies sent by email or by post.


After acceptation of the complete application, the student will receive the acceptance letter by email.

Attention! Confirmation of reception of your application is not the same as your acceptance.

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