An active partner of a network of more than 600 universities with which it cooperates, the University of Liège encourages its students to acquire training with a global reach. An ambition that includes seriously promoting the learning of languages and student mobility.

It thus promotes mobility as part of the curriculum, enabling students to follow courses abroad with its bilateral partners.

Beyond bilateral relations, more and more students are also attracted to doing an internship abroad. This is why ULiège strives to provide each students with the means to personalize his/her individual curriculum according to his/her desires and needs.

Within thematic European networks, Erasmus Mundus masters or bilateral joint degrees consolidate the cooperation between the institutions and provide added value to students, who obtain several degrees at the end of the curriculum.

Joint initiatives are also involved with the network of European universities SGroup, notably in facilitating mobility, introducing applications to European structuring projects or building lasting relays together in countries outside of Europe, whether it's in Latin America or in China.

View the interactive map of student mobility partnerships by Faculty and by country

This map exclusively lists existing partnerships with institutions abroad that allow outgoing student mobility. Other partnerships are complementary to these agreements. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the international relations office.

Conventions et accords cadres

Accords bilatéraux Erasmus + (UE et non UE):
Christine Reynders - +32 4 366 4609

Accords cadres, conventions de collaboration (hors Erasmus +), co-tutelles:
Catherine Dassis - +32 4 366 5677

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