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The University of Liège has adopted various measures to welcome refugees and facilitate their integration into the studies it offers. This page brings together useful information and facilities offered, depending on the study project.

Regular Study Programmes and Certificates

Subject to compliance with the established academic and language requirements, the courses and certificates are accessible to refugees, who can benefit from the following aids:

Free student / free auditor course

Refugees may apply to enrol free of charge as an unattached student or an unattached auditor, subject to the conditions set out on the following pages:

Services and benefits associated with these registrations:

  • A student card, a ULiège ID and password, MyULiège, a personal university email address

Additional access:

  • libraries, computer rooms and study rooms
  • student aid services: information on courses, university orientation, study guidance, student social services...
  • medical specialist consultations at the University Hospital
  • language courses organised by the ISLV (Higher Institute of Modern Language)
  • socio-cultural and intercultural activities organised at the University
  • student circles and associations
  • university sports
  • university restaurants

Preparatory actions

Refugees admitted to regular training are strongly encouraged to enrol in preparatory actions (medicine, engineering, working method...).

In case of difficulties, please contact Marie-France Bayard.

French courses for refugees

As mastery of the language is the first integration vector in a new environment, ULiège offers those who are engaged in a university training process the possibility to reach the legal French level (level B2) required for admission. French courses as a foreign language have therefore been organised, in collaboration with the ISLV (Institute of Modern Languages), in accordance with the access conditions and practical modalities specified below:

Access conditions

  • refugee status (asylum seeker, recognised refugee, subsidiary protection, temporary protection or stateless person)
  • minimum prior knowledge of French (depending on the level of French on entry, the B2 level will be reached more or less quickly)
  • holder of a secondary diploma or university degree


  • duration and frequency: 15-week modules (September/January, February/June) - 4 days per week (Monday to Thursday) - 3 hours per day (10 a.m. to 1 p.m.)
  • levels: three different course levels (between A1 and B2)
  • quality teaching: professors certified in French as a foreign language (ISLV) - number of students limited to 20 per class
  • assessment: level and selection tests - examination at the end of each module
  • cost: free tuition and handling of travel expenses for public transportation
  • location: University building L3 (rue de Pitteurs 20 - 4020 Liège)
  • application: anyone interested should contact Mrs Alicia JOUCK, via the e-mail "actions-refugiés" (see contact at the bottom of the page). The objective of the French as a Foreign Language (FFL) courses organised by ULiège is to allow access to higher education in French. Candidates are therefore invited to specify their intended course of study. Furthermore, applications may be made in French or in English.

N.B.: Some organisations in Liège offer French courses for complete beginners [see this brochure from the CRIPEL (Centre Régional d’Intégration des Personnes Étrangères ou d’origine étrangère de Liège)].


updated on 9/7/23

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