Located in the heart of Europe, the University of Liège welcomes students and researchers from all over the world every year.


or over 200 years, the University of Liège has sought to internationalize its academic activities and strengthen its links with other institutions around the world, offering a rich and diverse educational experience to its students and researchers, as well as welcoming international talent to its campus.

Exchange programmesInternational researchCooperation with developping countriesJoint international actions

Partner networks

UNIC, our european alliance

The UniversitY of the Greater region: Network of universities for joint projects

SGroup, sharing good practices in internationalisation

TIME: European joint diplomas in Applied sciences

International Relations

International Relations Office

+32 (0)4 366 92 55

PACODEL - Partnership with developing countries
+32 (0) 81 62 21 13

Additional resources

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